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Hi! My name's Jeremy Morgan, I'm a senior at Duke University pursuing degrees in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science. I'm interested in robotics and love rock climbing, yoga, photography (now and then) and Rick and Morty. I grew up in Berkeley, CA where I spent my time at first playing with legos, then building potato-launchers, and eventually hacking away on micro-controllers and hobby electronics.

Some of the projects i've most enjoyed working on include:

  1. A step sequence and full body motion planner for the JPL Robosimian quadruped. The system enables stable, collision free motion across obstacle filled environments (given a perfect world model),
  2. A walking controller for the JPL Robosimian quarduped which allows users to move the robot with guaranteed stability and without collisions across flat ground.
I'm currently working on applying invertible neural networks to the Inverse Kinematics problem in order to build a generative model capable of approximating the solution space distribution of redundant kinematic systems.


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