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Hi! My name is Jeremy Morgan, I'm an undergraduate student at Duke University pursuing degrees in Electrical + Computer Engineering and Computer Science. I'm interested in robotics. I love rock climbing, yoga, photography and Rick and Morty.

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“I don't understand why humans would be at the top of the conciousness foodchain”
- Justin Wei

“The Stone Age did not end because of a shortage of stones”
- Nathan S. Lewis

“The foundation of engineering is the ability to use math and physics to design and optimize complex systems.”
- Dr. Henry Pfister

“Don't be nervous if a problem seems really easy, I’ll tell you now that there are some easy questions on this exam. The hard part is figuring out which ones they are! So good luck”
- Dr. Henry Pfister

“Prospection is the generation and evaluation of mental representations of possible futures. The term therefore captures ... the prediction of future emotion (affective forecasting), the imagination of future scenarios (episodic foresight), and planning. Prospection is central to various aspects of human cognition and motivation.”
- Wikipedia

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